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This book was written by us, in response to the many questions brides have regarding their music and how the music fits into the wedding service.

Read the book and listen to the CD in the comfort of your own home and confidently select your wedding music from a wide range of examples.
The book gives readers good advice on what to pick, what to avoid, lists of pieces for all parts of the service and an explanation of how the music fits into the wedding service.

Contents Page
How the music fits into the service
Hints and Tips
Music before the bride arrives (with extensive list of pieces)
The arrival of the bride (with extensive list of pieces)
Hymns (with extensive list of pieces)
Soloists (with list of pieces)
Signing the schedule (with extensive list of pieces)
Music as the bride and groom leave (with extensive list of pieces)

Extract from Chapter Three --- 'The Arrival of the Bride'

At this point in the proceedings, your guests will have been chatting for twenty minutes or so and patiently awaiting the bride's arrival. The first clue that something is about to happen may be that the minister/priest suddenly lines up the the groom and best man at the front of the church/room. next, the bride's mum will arrive and take her place at the front.

Following this, the bride will make her grand entrance.

The entry of the bride is one of the most important and exciting parts of the wedding and this moment needs appropriate music to create the proper effect. After all, this is the first time everyone sees the dress and the splendour of the bridesmaid's outfits.

In our experience the best entry music has the effect of a fanfare, making everyone sit up and take notice. So often, the music chosen is too gently and the people assembled are not even aware that the bride is making her entrance.

No matter which piece the bride chooses to make her grand entrance, a good organist will be able to make the music precisely fit the procession, allowing time for the walk down the aisle, a moment to rearrange her flowers and time for the minister to hand out the orders-of-service, before bringing the music to a convincing end.

Extract from Chapter Six --- 'Signing the Schedule'

In many churches or castle/hotel weddings the signing of the schedule or 'register' will take place in the room where you have just been married. In some venues, the couple still leave the main part of the church and go to the 'vestry' (traditionally where the robes or vestments were put on) to sign the legal papers. Check which with your minister or wedding co-ordinator. If you go to the vestry to sign, then you are unlikely to hear much of the music played at this point.

Couples often ask how long this part of the ceremony takes. This depends upon individual circumstances but normally it will be around five minutes, plus another few minutes if you are having photographs taken. During this time your organist will, if required, provide background music for your guests.

Here is a list of pieces suitable for this part of your service ...................
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